QRV from Hawaii

After a long flight we finally arrived in Hawaii and I want to be qrv from a summit in Maui/Hawaii as soon as possible.
I do not know how propagation will be but I hope to reach many stations on the islands and US mainland, perhaps even VK or EU.
I will try CW at first, but if conditions allow, SSB also is an option.
Any advice for frequencies/bands will be appreciated.

I will give an update as soon as our plans are more concrete.
PSE also watch for KI4OHA/KH6.

73 and aloha
Martin AI4OW/KH6

In reply to DF3MC :
Hello Martin,

I hear the KH6 20 m beacon here most days so 20 m should be OK for the East coast of VK. 15 m and 10 m might also be good but lets not count our sunspots before they appear.

Your idea of CW first and if sigs are good then try SSB is a good strategy.

You should get plenty of Stateside chasers.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday.


We will try to activate KH6/MA-001 today.
I suppose we can be at the summit between 10.00 and 11.00 local time, that is 20.00 - 21.00 UTC.
I will call on 14.062 CW. (18.089-CW and 21.062-CW if 20m is not good).
If conditions allow, I will also try 14.285 - SSB.

I will also try 146.52-FM as direct qrg and local repeaters.

Self spotting is not available, so I have to rely on RBN and friendly chasers :wink:

PSE also listen for Johannes, KI4OHA, (DK4OHA) who is with me.

Hope to meet you!
Martin AI4OW/KH6, df3mc

In reply to DF3MC :
A success, by any measure. Workable on 20 and 17 in marginal conditions across the US mainland and Japan, and even a two meter contact from Maui to Oahu with a 5 watt HT. Congrats Martin and Johannes.

It was Martin who inspired Sota Hawaii when he was in San Francisco two years ago. How perfect that he finally got to activate from there. Watch for him to activate the big island in a week or so.

Elliott, K6EL

In reply to DF3MC :
Hi Martin,

I did not see your posting as I was working meteor scatter and off line. I did see that 21 MHz was open to KH6 as well as ZL and the USA at 2145 (checked the International beacons. No sigs on 28 or 18 MHz, ZL only on 20 m.

Is this your only activation?


In reply to DF3MC :
Martin, Very pleased to have worked you and Johannes on 20m CW from Arizona. Will look for you from other summits.

73/Tommy W7RV DM43 Ariz

In reply to DF3MC :
Hi Martin,
I listened for you on 14062 and then 18089 when spotted there. Nil heard. Will try again when possible.
73 Andrew VK1DA VK2UH