QRV, Can't spot

I’m QRV on 14.347SSB, but I can’t spot for some reason. Summit is VE2 /LR-065

7.031 CW now
I can’t spot using SOTA Spotter, or SOTAWatch3, or SOTAWatch2, or RBNHole, because the correct reference VE2/LR-065 isn’t recognized by the database.

Looks like that region has fallen into the Bermuda Triangle…

There is an software corner case exposing itself on the new database. VE2/LR will burst into life tomorrow and Andrew will fix the DB but as he is out of the country right now, that may not be for a day or two.

OK, thanks Andy.

… Both VE2/LR and VE2/QC will get one new summit (scheduled to be added tomorrow Aug 1 2019). These regions are not showing any summit now on their listing. So, I suppose that the upgrade process is going on but with some problems and that the listings will be upgraded in a few hours … ?


The upgrade happened last Sunday. As explained a few posts up, they will appear magically on 1-Aug-2019.