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In response to G4OWG (who was abstaining from this reflector):

Anyway going nearly back on point. ‘What’s the point’ of this
reflector? I would like to see it removed from HOME/SPOTS and ALERTS.
Anyone who wishes to read can after all click on the menu to open it.

Anyway I have found there is more to life than just SOTA…


I have suggested this a couple of times. Alternatively, I’m trying to wean myself off the home page & just set up a route to the database through the “Favorites” facility. This would save me being drawn into reading lengthy threads advertised on the home page or listening for signals that just don’t appear - life’s too short. That’s why I didn’t even consider registering for the other site.

Most, if not all, of my previous posts to the reflector have been deleted a few weeks back. This reduces some of the trail of digital litter I have left. Apologies to anyone who might try to read those broken threads - as if anyone would be interested in my postings. I’ve left my few activations on the database because I’m not spitting my dummy out here - pulse rate normal & no sweaty palms.

On a warm day like this, carrying a few extra sips of water would make more sense than even a H/H or FT817. Some people love walking & radio. If the battery dies or equipment gets broken, they don’t turn around & head home in a tantrum - they enjoy the rest of the walk.

G1ZJQ/P is going QRT - hopefully managing to abstain from the reflector & also off-air for the forseen future (reason on QRZ).

If I return (who would care eh, not exactly a prolific station?), it will be from any old hill of my choice; maybe only half way up if tired; whatever equipment at hand; no alert posted; no desperation for a spot anyway; liable to ragchew for as long as any station replying desires (oh, we’d leave breaks); not bothered if nobody hears me; quite happy for those with a SOTA bee in their bonnet to ignore me.

Yes, totally agree: life’s to short…some folk don’t realise how obsessed they’ve become…to the point of OCD. Chill out, take a tablet, crack open a beer: it’s only a hobby. Amateurs do it for the love of it; professionals do it for money.

Right, that’s all folks. I shall not respond here but may chat /P ON-AIR some day.

73 to all,

SOTA belongs on the airwaves!


In reply to G1ZJQ:

Hi Derek

Our paths have not yet crossed, but I do understand both the demands of the latest arrival and the feeling of utter depair at some recent (and not so recent) Reflector postings. You may choose never to read this, but good luck anyway, and I hope your future return to amateur radio will be not too long in coming.

Enjoy the little one; they don’t stay that way for long!!!

73 de Les, G3VQO

In reply to G1ZJQ:


I also wish you and family all the best. The arrival of my own daughter 8 weeks ago has certainly caused me to re-evaluate the things that truely matter in life. It is just a shame that comments have caused you, and many others, to give up a part (if not all) of a great hobby.

Good luck for the future and I hope we can meet on the air sometime.



In reply to G1ZJQ:

Hope you reconsider and return soon Derek - I need most of the G/SB summits?
Congrats on recent family addition.

Roger G4OWG