QRT: 22 activated summits in FL/VO within six days

Kai (DL3HAH) and I (DL1HBT) are grateful for all the QSO we made from 22 France low Vosges summits in the greater Oderen area as F/DL3HAH/P and F/DL1HBT/P from Aug 20 to 26, 2023. The weather was sunny and hence pretty warm (approx. 30 deg C) from Sunday to Thursday avtivationg 4 summits per day. Friday was windy and rainy with thunderstorms, so we only managed to activate two more summits. Our special thanks go to Armin (DL6GCA) who provided us with a huge amount of valuable hints concerning places to start our ascents to the following summits (sorted by referenace, not by activation date):
FL/VO-001 (Le Grand Ballon de Guebwiller)
FL/VO-002, Le Hohneck
FL/VO-004 (Le Gresson)
FL/VO-005 (Ballon d’Alsace)
FL/VO-006 (Tête des Neufs Bois)
FL/VO-008 (Tête de Fellering)
FL/VO-009 (Ballon de Servance)
FL/VO-010 (Le Grand Ventron)
FL/VO-012 (L’Altenberg)
FL/VO-015 (Tête de Grouvelin)
FL/VO-031 (La Goutte Logelot)
FL/VO-066 (Le Rondfaing)
FL/VO-067 (Haut du Roc)
FL/VO-078 (Le Storkenkopf)
FL/VO-079 (Klintzkopf)
FL/VO-081 (Le Lauchenkopf)
FL/VO-082 (Petit Ballon)
FL/VO-085 (Tête des Corbeaux)
FL/VO-087 (Haut de Brampas)
FL/VO-089 (Haut de la Pierre de Taille)
FL/VO-172 (Dornsilkopf)
FL/VO-177 (Haut de Felzach)

We used an ICOM IC-705 plus ATU to an EFRW. Kai has recorded GPS-tracks and will be loading them up if there is no one existing on Tracks - view, create or upload tracks or routes to SOTA summits - sotamaps.org or in case we have chosen a different route, which turned out to be adequate.
QSO have been uploaded to both SOTA-DB and LoTW, logs for paper QSL cards have been uploaded to DARC QSL Service for printing or will soon.
vy73/55, Tom


Congratulations, a great achievement. I’ve activated FL/VO-001 - so just another 21 to go! :slight_smile:

John, one activation is better than none… and I am sure that all of the other summits will be waiting for you :slight_smile: vy73/55, Tom

Congrats on that great achievement! 22 summits in 6 days :astonished:
Thanks for two S2S QSOs (2 x Kai) - too bad we missed each other, Tom. We’ll certainly have more luck next time :wink:

73, Roman

That’s good going. I managed 10 of the easier FL/VO summits in 2.5 days either side of the FN rally one year. But I did the ones that need almost zero walking from the car. I really need to go back there and bag some more as it’s nice pretty countryside and lots of nice food and beer.

Roman, better luck next time… Kai and I are planning to go for 5-6 summits in DM/NW (Sauerland) in November. vy73/55, Tom

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Andy, great job … which shows that success in the end always has to do with good planning/preparation. Well done! We enjoyed the local food but have to be back for the beer next year :wink: Cheers, Tom


Hello Tom,

a good peace of work activating so many and preparation before.

I’m this days in HB9 and glad to activate one summit a day. If there is a rare drive up summit means drive up by mountain train and / or ropeway :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

73, Ludwig

Indeed. The reason I could do so many was my good friend Victor GI4ONL sent me some suggested itineraries which made it so much easier. I was pleased with 4 a day but Victor and Phil G4OBK were doing 7 or 8 most days! I wasn’t prepared not to enjoy the nice breakfasts in my hotel. I need my fresh bread, ham and cheese and a few gallons of coffee before I’m fired up to start :wink:


Absolutely, Andy…like Steppenwolf sang in “Born to be wild” in 1968: Get your motor runnin’ :wink:

Ludwig, you are right, it´s not solely in the numbers. There are a couple of summits, that need much more efforts than others even if they only count for 1 or 2 points. Stay safe and keep up your good work, Tom

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