QRPp with 100mW when activating

Having gotten my KX2 and played a little (3 qso´s on 100mW) I was thinking…
What do you guys/gals think about trying to activate with 100mW?
My big plan for this summer is to activate a minimum of 10 different summits and I am hoping to get a minimum of 10 QSO´s from every summit with 100mW output.
I will of course turn up the power to 5 or 10W at times, but I love to do QRPp.
My main mode for 100mW will be cw, but when condx are there I might also try ssb…
To make it worth your while as a chaser, I will make a little prize (I make silver things as my other hobby) to the best operator working me when I use 100mW(best in my eyes/opinion) and I will make a prize for the activator whom I work the most times S2S. I will NOT alert in any way (but I will spot when on the summit) ´cos I do not want anyone to challenge weather or other potentially dangerous activations to win.
Any thoughts?
Best 73´s LA3NGA

Perfectly possible. I have made lots of SOTA contacts on 50mW. Make sure you alert (and there are no solar flares). Good fun. I would not expect much on SSB but CW will be okay.

I use 40m, 30m, 20m and 15m, but Kindex over 3 or Aindex over 50 will make it very hard. Summer is fun tho, when Es shows up… :grinning: With 10W and inv V I am pretty sure I can get my activating points but 100mW will be a lot more fun.


I’ve have a few transatlantic QSOs when activating with around 100mW. It’s hard to measure exact power at those kinds of levels, but certainly a RockMite driven from a 9v battery gives <200mW depending on band.

Search for LA1KHA in this reflector and you will find a thread about activating with PP3 powered rigs - lots of contacts have been made with QRPp.

72, Colin M1BUU
Low power activator :slight_smile: