< QRPP chaser. ( NAQCC 1000 MPW award )

Maybe a bit off Topic ?

I have been working with QRP power as a chasers for about ten years now. That works fine. If I can hear the activator, then I can usually work the station.
But since I’ve been a member of the NAQCC, I’ve been competing for an award. The so-called KMPW award. The aim is to cover as much distance as possible with as little power as possible. Hence the name Miles per Watt. All distances from 1000 MPW count towards this award. First of all, of course, you need to know the right distance. This can be done in no time by means of a locator. Then you know the distance and divide that by the power in W. So suppose JO21kp to JO22kk is 55 miles. And you used 1 W. Then it’s 55 MPW. A handy calculation tool can be found here: //www.qrz.com.hr/js-html/1000mpw.htm. You fill in your own locator, that of the counterstation and the power. The number of MPW is then calculated. Most of the stations I work on are either WWFF or SOTA. And the advantage of a SOTA station is that the locator is known. It is in the SOTA database. That way you have a correct distance.

In the past year I have made over 100 QSO’s with different MPW. From 1007 MPW to a maximum of 6485 MPW, so far. That was F5MDY/p at 30 meters from SOTA F/PO-149 (IN92TX). A distance of 647 Miles. And then with 100 mW, you end up with 6465 MPW. The advantage of SOTA stations is that they can hear you well with so little power. Because the noise-level at the top of the mountain is almost zero.
As chaser, you have to take some time every now and then to get your turn, between the QRO chasers. And that is difficult, especially on weekends. Mostly I’m the last one with so little power. :slight_smile:
Noticed that I use a Ciro Mazzoni Midi Loop antenna with a diameter of 2 meters. The Loop is indoors in the attic. It is noticeable that most QSO’s give the best results at 30 meters. My favorite band. With the antenna outside, it will undoubtedly go even better.

So, QRP is no problem. And QRPP is mostly doable. Next experiment is to go < 100 mW. With my home-made attenuator.

Thanks all activators!


Cu 73 - Tonnie - PA9CW.


Indeed! Mine too; day and night.

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So I’m guessing my 5 watts is QRO. 73/72 Alan G3TZA

Great job with your QRPp chasing Tonnie!

Randy, ND0C

That’s great Tonnie!

Having had so much fun with my RockMite 15 clone during the transatlantic S2S event, I decided to build a 9V version to see what I can do with QRPp.

I’ve done my usual 9V mods, and I’ve got the RX current to under 10mA. I’m going to exeriment with a different op-amp to see if I can bring the RX down a little bit. In previous versions I’ve used an LF442. I did the initial smoke test earlier this evening but I haven’t tried the rig in transmit yet, I have literally just applied 8.5v to check for correct 5v rail voltage. I’m aiming for 100mW RF output on 21.06 MHz.

72, Colin