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QRP on Mt Herman w/Gary N5ANF/pm

Gary/N5ANF and I scrambled up Mt Herman (9054’) on Black Friday for some QRP fun. Gary was operating his FT817 pedestrian mobile using his rather novel helically wound windom on a 9’ whip mounted on his pack frame with MFJ tunner which worked great! I was operating mtn-top portable with my IC703 and Buddipole vertical. Conditions were ok but we were still plagued with that deep QSB of late. We tried to operate on separate bands 20/17/15 but found desensing to be an issue as we were only 20yards from one another! So we took turns running the 17m SSB-HFpack. All in all us goats had a great time!

Video at: http://www.youtube.com/goathiker

73, Steve …wG0AT/R&P

In reply to WG0AT:
I will watch the video later when i am at home, keep your eye out for up and coming activations over the festive season by myself operating pedestrian mobile. Sean M0GIA

Hi Steve,

I’ve noticed that you like to use you radio on the tops of some hills. I wonder if you are interested in setting up a SOTA association for W0.
This means you can activate these hills for SOTA with your goats.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP: Interesting possibility Jimmy? I understand there’s a large amount of paper work involved which takes away from our time on the trail with goats? …Steve

In reply to WG0AT:


You do need a list of summits (of course) and that need not be comprehensive. The bulk of the rest of the “paperwork” is a proforma. Some associations have been launched in just a few weeks. Suggest you contact the SOTA MT to find out!

Generations of goat-lovers will be indebted to you, Peanut and Rooster.



I think there some others who are interested in setting up a SOTA association in W0 as well so you could still get the to take your goat up the moutains while the association is being set up.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP: Interesting possibility Jimmy? I understand there’s a large amount of paper work involved which takes away from our time on the trail with goats? …Steve

In reply to M3EYP: a list for summits in this state would be staggering! BTW what consititutes asummit? Who do I contact? Steve

In reply to WG0AT:

G3VQO at:




Excellent video Steve(wG0AT), would be great if Mt Herman had a SOTA ref.
Hope the goats are well.



In reply to WG0AT and G0PEB:
I’ll look forward to seeing the list Steve.

BTW Robert now aka VP8DMM… nice call. I wonder if you asked for it and you knew about these guys:

Great SOTA connection! :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to WG0AT:

If you do just CO, all your work is already done ! Check this site out
This has the complete list of peaks in Colorado right down to P300’, you only need to go down to P500’.
There’s 4345 peaks with P300’. The person who runs the ‘list of John’ website is very receptive to getting requests for excel files from US SOTA associations. Tom, N2YTF and myself have requested information from him.
ND,SD & NE are also listed down to P500’ here … http://www.peaklist.org/USlists/SDP500.html

It’s not all or nothing … I launched W2 with a partial list of NY, then Tom N2YTF added NJ. Now I’m working on adding the rest of NY (When time permits).

The management Team are a great resource to getting an association up and running quickly.

If you need any help let me know.

No pressure :wink:

Andrew - K1YMI

In reply to KC2EUS:
Mount Hermam would qualify as a SOTA summit BTW, it has a prom of 633’

In reply to KC2EUS:
Gosh Steve. Good for ya! I told ya not to post ur videos on the SOTA site. Now, you’ll have to work something out for W0 SOTA area hi hi errr errr;-))

In reply to VA2SG: OK OK …we will enlist Peanut! He’s the smart goat! He can figure out this SOTA stuff. (Yeah Peanut!) Meanwhile Rooster and I will go for a hike work the 10m ARRL contest and leave Peanut crunching on the keyboard. =D

In reply to WG0AT:

Rooster and Peanut on the SOTA hills! I love it!

Steve you know anything I can do to help just let me know.

Tom, N2YTF