Qrp Labs QCX Mini

Well just finished a QCX mini for 40m. Took about a day to build and then a hour to align and bench test.
First breath of volts brought it to life without any smoke and alignment went like a breeze. All spot on first time. Output at 12v was 4/5w so no fiddling with the coils. Before casing I added the AGC board and set that up without an issue.
First tests today netted a half dozen euro FD stations and a GQ special event station.
Very happy so now for a field test!!


Well done and you’ve reminded me I need to buy a couple of the AGC boards for mine. :slight_smile:

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FB this QCX! The AGC added is mandatory. I have a QCX+ without it and it i horrible when a strong chaser appears.


I have the same unit for 40m and really like it. Mine came preassembled and preforms very well. I would like to get one for 20m as well.

I have a QDX on order and once that has arrived and been completed I may look at a 30 or 60m QCX Mini. Already have a QCX for 30m as well.