QRG´s next activities

Hi all,
after 89qso´s today from 0949-1103utc on DM/BW-157 i will go another way to reduce the pile-up´s . not that i don´t like them ,but its not easy to manage the pile-up as a qrp-station . think its easier with a little bit qro to increase the own signal.
but i will try to use the “main-band” 7khc-cw at last band.
so i will start at my next activations at 30m-cw abt. 10.118khc.
after that i will call on 3.558cw ,
and then i call on 7.118/7.096ssb
( hope on 80m i found also good spot-supporters to spot my qsy to 40m-ssb )
and at last band then 7032-cw.
i will try this first at saturday on my sota-tour in north-bw

hpe cu … 73 Klaus

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Klaus, if you worked on 1296 Mhz you would still attract a huge pile up of your regular chasers:-)

Great to hear your FB sigs again today and I look forward to bcnu Saturday.

vy 73 Mike

PS: Mention in your alert for chasers to work you on one QRG and mode only Klaus, because many ops have worked you in cw and ssb, myself included. That may reduce the number of QSOs also.

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Hi Klaus

As your aim is to cut down the pile-up on 40m to managable proportions, the more stations that you can work on other bands first will assist with this task.

30m should eliminate the longer distance chasers such as G’s and the EU North Sea Coast (but is only good between about 1000-1400 in winter) and 80m should clear local stations. This should, hopefully, reduce the 40m crowd by at least 25% and maybe more.

I will be interested to see the figures after your next event, especially as a weekend CW activation is now becoming such a challenge.

It might be better to start on 3558, then 10118, 7118/7096 and 7032. Fritz DL4FDM does this and always gets spotted. 80m is better early in the day and 30m better later.


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Danke für dieInformation. Wir werden uns bemühen das entsprechende QSY im Cluster einzugeben.
Besten Dank für all die netten Verbindungen.

Vy 73 es gl
Fred, HB9AAQ

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hi all,
tmrw i will start my abt. 300km ( to the summmits and back ) route to the north part of the black-forest. planned summits are DM/BW-60,BW-54 and BW-47. will spotlite abt. 30min before when i reach the first summit . ( ± 0700utc ).
i have a new mobile-phone with new accu in it :slight_smile: i hope i can install spotlite now and it works tmrw. ! if not, see the spotted frequency in my first message.in wintertime spotting support from chasers is very welcome, because its not easy to type in the mobile phone with cold fingers :o)
hope cu tmrw …

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

home now again.
hard work today, both - the walks and the crowded bands…
contest-weekends not good for sota ,
maybe next time i will do VHF in SOTA ;-)), or build a big hf-amp :wink:

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

tomorrow no sota,hi…i go geocaching with YL :wink:

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I think some people were very frustrated when that contest station qrmed you off 40m, the channel became an international tune-up frequency for some time after - not good but understandable. That gap at 7148 is often quite good.

Enjoy the geocaching!


Brian G8ADD

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Thanks Brian,
yes, i was a little bit frustrated as s53s shows me the difference between 10 and 1500watts,hi. then i qsy´ed to 7032-cw and have the same,hi. called for 3 qso´s in clear, but also a contest-station found this clear spot and that was the end of my calls. but i never give up and found that spot at abt. 7148 and …wow… a really nice pile up in ssb at the end of my activation ;-)))

hpe cu agn…
73 Klaus