QRG for 10m Challenge

For those Activators in NA running SSB, please use 28.3 to 28.496 MHz as US Technician License Class are limited to these frequencies. And for those who run CW on 10m, consider spending a few moments on these SSB frequencies for Techs.
We’ve told these new licensees that 10m would be tremendous fun - let’s make it happen. :slight_smile:
73, Etienne-K7ATN


Hi Etienne,
Just for clarification, the US Techs also have rights to 28-28.3 on CW (and data) don’t they? Not that they can only operate between 28.3 and 28.5?
73 Ed.

According to the charts on the ARRL site, Technician licencees (and any remaining Novices) have access to 28.000 MHz to 28.500 MHz, with CW permitted throughout, RTTY and Data permitted up to 28.300 MHz, and SSB permitted between 28.300 MHz and 28.500 MHz. The ARRL band plan further divides the lower end of the band, with 28.000 to 28.070 and 28.150 to 28.190 for CW, 28.070 to 28.150 for RTTY (and other data modes?) and 28.200 to 28.300 for Beacons.

This is worth noting for activators in Europe, as given the way the 10 metre band’s been behaving, it’s possible your best chances of being chased may come from across the Atlantic…


Ed -
You are correct that Technician licensees have CW privildges on 10m and even some other HF bands. However, as the Technician Class is entry level and with CW not a required skill, it is very rare. Their focus is on the 28.3 to 28.5 portion of the 10m band where they can operate SSB.
73, Etienne-K7ATN

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Thanks for the clarification Etienne, I normally choose to operate between 28.3 and 28.5 SSB on 10m for exactly the reason that the Technician class operators may be there.
I just wanted to make sure that those CW Ops know also to look out for the Techs on (QRS) CW as well from 28.0 up to 28.3.
I suppose it’s very rare that cross-mode contacts take place CW-SSB in 28.3-28.5 MHz section, although technically and bandplanwise possible.
73 Ed.

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It’s also possibly worth noting that all three IARU regions show 28.060 MHz as a CW QRP Centre of Activity and 28.360 MHz as a SSB QRP Centre of Activity. Here’s a quick comparison chart.