QO-100 tomorrow Arnside Knott G/LD-058

Myself and Chris were hoping to do something a bit more adventurous tomorrow, but it looks as if it’s going to be a bit windy tomorrow and I need a top with a bit of shelter to stop the satellite dish taking off.
I should like this one, as it’s a pleasant enough walk with decent views, but it just does not grab me. I’ve never done too well on 2 mtrs from there, some sort of magnet in the ground sucks the R.F :slight_smile: . The time before last I stood in Doggy Doo’s as I got out of the car and last time I forgot a bit of kit. But Hey, it will all be perfect tomorrow.
Anyway it needs activating on QO-100.
Chris will be taking his FT817 and 2mtr 5 ele, so I’m hoping we can work Richard G(M)3CWI/P up on the Kintyre.

Might also Pop into Hutton Roof Crags on the way home if time allows.

Nick G0HIK

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