QO-100 Tomorrow 8/10/20 Top O Selside G/LD-048

Myself and Chris (M0KPW) are hopping for reasonable weather tomorrow. The MWIS looks favourable. There is not much Shelter on Top O Selside.
No point for me as I did it on the Mountain bike before Lockdown, but I would like to qualify it on QO-100.

Chris will be taking his usual 2mtr FM kit.

We checked out the parking situation last week, as the road was closed to all but essential access I heard, due to the vast amount of inconsiderate parking up the east side of Coniston Water.

I hope to see you there.

Nick G0HIK

I have a pass out for G/LD so will be on G/LD-047, Loughrigg Fell with QO-100.

Andrew G4VFL

Not if you insist on being on the very top. There is a sheltered ‘saddle’ about 5-10m down from the summit where I wild-camped last summer and from which I activated on HF and 2m.

Well the weather was much better than we had anticipated, just as we got to the summit all the cloud broke and we were in sunshine for virtually the whole of the activation period. The wind did get up, but it wasn’t a problem with a couple of the rocks from the cairn to keep the tripod stable.
We didn’t need to look for shelter this time Andy.
The Green Lane was a lot wetter than previous times, Chris’s new water proof socks proved to work and I just put up with wet feet, well it was good enough for Wainwright.
On the summit we soon Contacted Andrew G4VFL/P on G/LD-047 on “Two” and switched over to 13cms for a S2S.
I then swung the dish around and aligned on to the Satellite . Andrew came right back, so worked him for the QO-100 S2S.
I then worked one of my regulars Phil G3TCU, 10 contacts on the satellite in total G,DG,SA and HB9 in the log.
We finished up with Andrew sending me some more Heliograph signals for a Lightbeam S2S :slight_smile:
Half way down we tried a new track, going through a Deer gate, this National Trust track was very narrow in the woods and wet and brought us back too far north of our parking spot, but made a nice variation all the same.

Thanks to all who worked me and Andrew for the S2S.

Nick G0HIK