QO-100 S2S

“Taking Amateur Radio to new heights” Nick G0HIK and myself G4VFL made a S2S QSO via the Oscar 100 satellite. We were on G/LD-051 and G/LD-049 so had an easy talk back on 2m to coordinate our effort. It worked quite well despite the low power. We then went on to qualify the summits with further QSOs. G4VFL’s kit Tx > FT-817 → SG-Labs → Patch Ant → 50cm dish Rx 50cm Dish Octagon LNB → G0MRF converter → FT-817. Nick was similar with 2 FT-817 to separate Tx/Rx. We didn’t work any regular chasers but Douggie G7CDA had a grandstand seat watching the WEB SDR QO-100 / Es'hail-2 Narrowband WebSDR There were no visitors during the activation, which was surprising on Holme Fell in the centre of the Lakes.

The picture shows even greater hights can be activated in the future.

73 de Andrew G4VFL


Radcom article? Well done chaps.

+1 for a Radcom (or PW) article.

But if not, please email me this photo (address is good on QRZ.com), plus photos of the ops, and I can knock up a press release for some super publicity for SOTA.

Excellent effort for both the QSO and getting the kit to the summit.
How low was your low power?

73 Stuart

The power is about 1.5 - 2 Watts, getting a perfect match to the antenna and coax losses I would relisticaly say 1.5W. Here is the spec.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL

Photo’s from my end on Kirkby Moor.

And some video


80cm SATV dish on a Gorilla stand.
TCXO modified LNB
SG-labs 13cms transvertor for the up link
A QO-100 Downconvertor.
Two FT-817’s to enable me to hear my downlink.

This is my 2nd QO-100 portable station and I hope to keep refining it.

Nick G0HIK


Cool, great job! Thanks a lot for sharing!
Next step would be a foldable dish :slight_smile:

73 Martin

Great, congratulations. I’m looking forward to our first S2S.

My portable QO-100 station is already ready for use.

40cm dish with LNB and small yagi for 13cm, Pluto SDR, pre and 20W power amplifier. A mountain-safe construction of the assemblies is still missing.

Can we arrange an S2S appointment for the next few days?

73 Chris

Hi Chris,

From my end I need very light winds due to the the dish.

The next good day forecast is Wednesday 1st July.

Nick G0HIK

Thanks for the link.

I have several things I would like to improve.

One of them is exactly as you have been thinking a portable dish.Maybe a central hub with spokes stressed with a cord around the circumference to produce the correct shape.

Nick G0HIK

Hi Nick,
I always have appointments on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
July 2nd would be fine. Let’s see what the weather is like.

73 Chris

In which case please have 70cm available with you as well for a Challenge S2S. :slight_smile:

BTW, QST in the US responded very enthusiastically - so there’ll definitely be a news item in there.

Perhaps a good thing considering the comments lots of folk receive about the fishing poles used by many. What would they have made of a satellite dish and no TV :rofl:

Anyway, very well done and another first for the SOTA community

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I knew I remembered reading about these inflatable dish antennas. They take about 30mins to setup in the field.



They’re military so if you have to ask the price then you can’t afford them! :smile:

This is a good idea!
Would be a big challenge to build a portable dish which works satisfactorily and can be built with our amateur resources (tools, money, time …).
Also the military balloons Andy showed look realy nice. Are there more details about their inner structure available?

73 Martin

There is this sort-of see through image on their web site.

If you have big bucks you can buy a used Inmarsat TTI 7000. Normally you get the Inmarsat terminal with the antenna… you just want the antenna. Folds up like an umbrella. Don’t ask how much!


If you took one (the smaller sort) to a summit perhaps you could ride it back down like a Space Hopper.

There’s this idea for one of the small elliptical SKY dishes.

It will not be awfully light but should be lighter than a 60/80cms dish. It might need a bit more 13cms uplink power though.

My light 40cm dish with LNB and yagi for the uplink can be taken apart.

The dish could also be used as a sun hat in summer.
It is probably not suitable as a steel helmet.
Rather than a pan for the campfire.

73 Chris