QO-100 plus 13cm's Whitfell G/LD-032

Seeing I had spotted that Jack GM4COX was planning to be out on 13cm’s I changed my plans and decided to do Whitfell on QO-100 and 13cm’s as this was Line of Site to his fell although it was 123kms and I already had Whitfell bagged this year, but not on QO-100.

As I reached the parking on the Corney Fell road, I found 11 cars there and no more room, I usually see none or one or two cars. I had to park in a passing place about 1/2 mile away.
The walk was uneventful, but very wet. On reaching the summit, I switched on to 145.400 the GM lads working frequency and found MM0GOG/P, so a nice extra S2S was already in the log.
My mate Chris had messaged me say he wanted the 13cms’ contact, he pointed his PCB aerial out of daughters window and we worked easily.
I then lined up on QO-100 and worked a DG and then my regular Phil G3TCU, ZS1II, R5AO and finally Andrew G4VFL/P, so with it qualified on QO-100 I worked Andrew on 13cm’s 5/9 both ways.
Andrew told me that Jack was on frequency so I went up to work him for an easy 5/9 x 2 S2S after finding that jamming a screwdriver handle in the LNB support arm put the LNB just in the right focus point for terrestrial contacts with the dish , thanks Jack for the nice QSO after so long…
I tried to work the other two GM’s on 13cm’s summits but it was not to be today.

On arrival to the parking area it was still full and I had not seen many folk on the fell, so I have no idea what was going on today.

Anyway it was a cracking day out, lots of interesting QSO’s in the log on the microwave bands and the WX played ball one more time.

Nick G0HIK