QO-100 Lingmoor Fell G/LD-040 Tomorrow 29/9/20

I’ve never done this one for some reason.

Looks to have good parking and you just follow the drystone wall up the fell to the activation zone.

Hopefully I’ll get it qualified on QO-100

Nick G0HIK

Good luck tomorrow, it is fairly obvious where you are going once you get to the ridgeline. A lovely summit with good views of the fells all around.


Wow what a lovely Fell, I had actually forgotten how beautiful the Langdales are.

We parked at the N.T. car park for Blea Tarn. Watch out £6.50 for four hours and £7.50 for all day and it only takes coins.
The walk is quite simple, more or less follow the dry stone wall to the summit. The first part is quite steep, but you are rewarded with fantastic views every time you stop for breath. The summit is over a style. We decided to setup away from the summit to keep out of folks way. Just as well, we saw one couple on the way up, but over the hour or so we saw lots of other walkers, it seems quite a popular fell.
Setting up, the band seemed really quiet, but my first CQ call produced one of my regulars G3VKV, thankyou Graham.
The next call Andrew G4VFL came up with his kit setup at home. I made just five contacts, but still it’s now qualified on QO-100 :slight_smile:
A old mate up in Carlisle keeps asking for a contact on Two, we were beaming right through Harrison Stickle and I thought no chance, but we exchanged 5/8 both ways and we were only running 5 watts to a 5 ele, radio never fails to surprise.
I wasn’t looking forward to the walk down as it was so steep and the weight of the QO-100 kit can make you over balance, but in the end it didn’t seem so bad.
The road to the carpark is single track for several miles, so we decided to try the long way back through Chapel Style, which was a far easier road and will be the way we go next time.

Nick G0HIK

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