QO-100 Harter Fell G/LD-028

I’ve not been out with the QO-100 kit for a few weeks as I’ve be doing my Beach riding lately, but Chris M0KPW wanted a trip out and it needed an airing.

We decided on Harter Fell as we have both not done it before.

I did not know it was as steep, I really must see if I can cut down the weight of my kit bag.

After aligning on the beacon, I tuned and found Andrew G4VFL/P working Phil G3TCU, so I worked Andrew for the S2S and then Phil.
I then aimed the dish to Andrew and we worked direct on 13cm’s, he then proceeded to get out his mirror and had a one way Heliograph contact :slight_smile: over the 22 mile path.

I then went back to QO-100 to work G3VKV, G8BKE and DL6IAN.

Many thanks to all for a successful QO-100 activation, I’m hoping to be out Thursday or Friday to Stoney Cove Pike.


60cm’s Dish, POTY aerial, SG-Labs 2 watt Xvtr for 13cm’s up and a QO-100 to 2mtr RX converter, 2 x FT817’s and 8000mAHr Li-po.

Nick G0HIK


As the WX is so good this week, I’m going to sneek another one in tomorrow, Thursday 17th.
G/LD-047 Loughrigg, I’ve not done this 1 pointer before, last time I was going to do it, I parked up and saw all the “Kiss Me Quick” hats and decided to move to a more civilized (empty) part of the Lake District.

10489.700MHz. +/- around 10:00 UTC.

Nick G0HIk

Nice to read this, Nick. I will try to do my first qo-100 s2s qso with you at this time.

73 Chris

Tnx Nick for my first s2s on qo-100. Hope, we meet us there soon.

73 Chris


Hi Chris,

Many thanks for my first NON U.K. S2S today.

I’ll post today’s activity on the forum shortly.

I’m also planning to be out tomorrow 18/9/2020


Nick G0HIK