QO-100 Dent G/LD-045

Myself and Chris M0KPW activated Dent today.

It was two years ago when we last did it and it was in mist last time, much more pleasant today. With good views of the surrounding Fells and we could just make out the GM/SS’s where Andrew G(M)4VFL was. Yes we sneaked into his local fell while he was out playing on the SS’s, at least Chris worked him on “Two”.

We were short on time, with just an hour Fell time as Chris needed to get back for the School run.
I manged seven QSO’s on the satellite, which I was very happy about, with a couple of DL’s asking for the SOTA reference. It very nice to know I’m getting chased on this mode now.
First in the log was a DL followed by a couple of my now reliable G’s , then it was nice to work Carolyn G6WRW.

Hopefully we can manage a something next week if the weather allows.

Many thanks to all who worked me


Nick G0HIK


Chris was a big signal on 2m with me. If your 13cms TX uplink could be reconfigured for 2320 easily we could probably have had a 13cms QSO. 2m conditions were well up. I was hearing people in Aberdeen having their local natters, plenty of EI’s, a GI repeater and I think ODX I heard was Don GW0PLP down near Cardigan.

I would really have liked to get into the GM/SS action today on 13cm’s. I’ve taken the lid off the transvertor a few times and the self tapper holes are getting a bit worn. Hence staying with QO-100 recently.

Andrew has said that he is going to try adding an external switch to enable the L.O. to be changed without removing the lid.
As soon as he reports on this and it’s successful I’ll get mine modified ASAP.

Nick G0HIK

I’ve thought about doing something similar myself.