QO-100 Claife Heights G/LD-053

Once again many thanks to all who contacted me with especial thanks to Graham G3VKV for always taking the time to be there.

Sorry I missed you Phil G3TCU

After a tough start, the quick post on the Microwave Group did the trick and from then on, I was kept busy for the next hour with 10 nice QSO’s in the log and the battery almost exhausted, down to 10.8 volts.
There is some sort of interference on 13cms on this summit, there is a mobile phone base about 1/2 a mile away, but it sounds more like a radar, maybe there one on the lake use this band rather than X Band ?

It was a five mile round trip from Far Sawrey so worked off the calories from the weekend, with Strava telling my the count was 1000 calories and they dont allow for the rucsac !

Absolutely no view from this summit, with the plantation grown up, not how Beatrix Potter would have seen it.

But just enough clearance to aim over the tree’s to access the satellite.

The weather is not playing ball this week for any more activity though.

Nick G0HIK


Decent looking shack Nick, I was ankle deep in water again at the weekend trying to find a place to set up. The SOTA dog is a good addition.
POTY arrived today from Hans, PE1CKK, fantastic service if anybody ever needs one. Had very bad luck with the passion-radio POTY and LNB, their couriers sent it to Penrith Australia, not Cumbria, the company refunded me, no hard feelings with them.
+1 QO-100 operator from Cumbria shortly, just waiting for the LNB now.

Good luck with the POTY this time.

I look forward to getting some S2S’s with you on QO-100 Tim.


Nick G0HIK