QO-100 Arnside Knott G/LD-058, Plus

As is was forecast to be a bit breezy and I didn’t want my Satellite dish taking off, we decided to do one with a bit of shelter.
As it was, Arnside Knott proved to be perfect. We found a nice sheltered site to the south overlooking Lancaster and the wind was from the Northwest so it was almost still and in sunshine, we felt lucky when our QSO partners had commiserations for us being out in rough weather.

I set up and my first CQ’s came back with my two regular contacts G3VKV and G3TCU, thank you guys.
Followed by a DK and then a LA, it was nice to be called by Andrew G3VFL and also Carolyn G6WRW.

Chris worked 12 stations on 2 mtrs FM, so Arnside Knott proved to be a success this time.

I was wanting to work Richard G(M)3CWI/P up on the Kintyre, but his alert time was a while off yet, so we decamped and went of the Hutton Roof Craggs G/LD-052 as Chris needed to activate this one.
As we got to the summit I checked SotaWatch and saw Richard had been spotted 35 mins previously. I wondered if the he was doing a smash and grab due to bad weather and I had missed him.
But after setting up, the second call out got him on the calling frequency. I was a happy bunny to get him on this one, Chris then worked Richard.
I hope to work Richard tomorrow for his final day. I’m going to be up a quarry in the Langdale valley not doing radio, but I’ll take the kit and have a good listen out for you.

Nick G0HIK