QMX 6-band transceiver for 20-10m

Hi all

Just to let you know - I have released the 20-10m version of the QMX transceiver and it can be ordered from here QMX 5-band 5W Digi transceiver
(price $95 kit, $20 enclosure, $50 assembly if pre-assembled, tested, calibrated transceiver is desired).

It covers 20, 17, 15, 12, 11 and 10m bands. My power measurements and harmonic measurements of a prototype I built and tested today are:

Band  Power   2nd   3rd  4th  5th
20m    4.6W   -54  -67        -70
17m    4.7W   -56  -70        -71
15m    5.4W   -56
12m    4.0W   -55  -70
11m    5.2W   -55  -68
10m    4.9W   -55  -71   -72

First QSO was with DO1USH on 10m FT8, followed by DF7WY then PU5FLP, Brazil… new country for me, and nice DX at 10852 km (6782 miles). Particularly considering it was an hour after sunset here and 10m band already closing here, and my OCFD antenna’s short end was never high up (slopes down sharply to the corner of my property) and the long end has fallen down and the antenna lies on the metal-framed tile roof!

73 Hans G0UPL


Hi Hans,

thanks for the info. I orderd one.

73 Ludwig

A few days ago, I ordered QMX 80-20 m :smile: . Is it possible to change the existing one to 20 -10m lz1wf

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There are plenty of TRXs for bands 40-30-20 or even 80-40-30-20 but none for 20-15-10 HF bands.

Thanks you Hans for giving to us this possibility to have small and featured TRX like QMX for upper HF bands.

BTW, past month I worked only with QCX mini and very pleased with it even having portable TRX which x15 times more expensive than QCX mini.


I didn’t expect the 20-10m version being released this year. Great to hear that the kit is ready to be shipped end of October. I have just placed my order. Looking forward to use it when the upper bands open.

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Ordered! Thanks for the heads up, Hans. You never disappoint!
Cheers & 72,

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Hello Vasil

Unfortunately your order was already shipped on 12-Oct-2023 so it is too late for us to change it to the high-bands version.

Several people have asked me if I can offer a conversion kit of capacitors/toroids for people who want to build an as yet-unassembled kit they already have, for 20-10m. I am investigating this possibility.

73 Hans G0UPL


Hi Hans, Thanks for that just ordered one.

73 Alan, G3TZA

Looking forward for your new activation with QMX =)

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Hans, The timing is brilliant with the way that the higher bands are at the moment.

I will however await SSB implementation before considering adding it to my “stable” of radios.

73 Ed.

Very cool, I may need to order one. I am eagerly awaiting my low bands QMX and of course greatly enjoy my QCX+ and QCX mini.
I should probably finish my QCX amp too…
Needless to say I enjoy your work Hans.