QCX Mini Part 3


Hi Matt,
Of course there needs to be a Part 3 in this story , hi.

It’s not SOTA, but most of you will know about the QCX Challenge , where we try to contact other QCX users, in a kind of mini-contest. It happens each LAST Monday of the month. See:

Since WARC bands are not allowed for contesting, we will now also have a QCX WARC Party , where no points count, only the fun of having a QSO with your QCX (Mini or Classic or Plus), and being able to brag about it in the QRP Labs newsgroup.
Find all info here:

If you don’t have a QCX for one of the WARC bands, no problem. If you have followed along in Part 2 of this thread, you will know that you can use a QCX on it’s “one lower” band.

Get your rigs and antennnas ready, the first QCX WARC Party is next Monday !


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It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if you top 100 too. Nice one Luc!
73 Matt


I thought this type of activity in the WARC bands was expressly prohibited? Any type of “organized” event.

It’s a moot point for a lot of US East Coast hams that work anyway. First two time slots are in the middle of the work day and the last one is 11pm.

Hi richard, @N1RBD

If “organized” were the criterion, we would have to forbid WARC bands for DX-peditions, Special Event stations, or any Award scheme like SOTA, etc … since these all require some “organizing”. Let’s not fill this thread with a useless discussion, it has all been discussed before, see:

A QSO Party is clearly not a contest.

Times slots : I understand, but whatever timeslot we take, someone will say it doesn’t suit them. You can of course call CQ and enjoy a nice QSO any time of day …

BTW (since this thread is about the QCX Mini)… congrats on taking your QCX Mini on an activation and working ZL2IFB from W4G/NG-006 , great job !
(And I know how great it feels, I worked ZL on one of my last activations with a QCX Mini, see my post in Part 2).



Do you just do a standard CQ call or do you add something to show you are using a QCX? For example CQX instead of CQ? Or CQ CQ CQ QCX?

Edit: Just read the advice in the QRP Labs forum not to do this, just a simple CQ. :slight_smile:

Hi John,

This is the advice I posted in the QRP Labs newsgroup:

One advice : calling CQ QCX or CQ QWP or anything like that will often put off possible QSO candidates.
Many times, I get a ?? as a reply, and when I repeat CQ QCX … people move on.
So increase your chances by just calling CQ.
And of course, please join the sked page, it makes it much easier to find fellow QCX’ers.

You can follow my advice or not … it may not matter too much.

Now there is some BAD NEWS … I just checked that sked page to copy a link here, but it seems there is a problem that wil not be resolved soon.
I suppose we’re back to the QRP Labs Chat to exchange info and make skeds if needed.
Luc, ON7DQ

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Luc, thank you, I’ve just spotted that and edited my post above while you were replying.

I’ll set a reminder to try my Mini 30 at 13:00 on Monday. I’m still learning CW but I might see what I can hear. :slight_smile:

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Mi QCX Mni is now working, After change the IC10 for a new one the audio back to live.

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Just got my Sark 110 back from Melchor, who kindly repaired it for me (at a very reasonable rate):

Rather embarrassingly, I managed to blow the input whilst troubleshooting my QCX Mini :disappointed_relieved:. Luckily, it was only a resistor, mixer and a couple of diodes that needed swapping. Note to self: always connect signal generator last. I use the Sark 110 to tune my Fuchskreis; I don’t trust one LED. Expect the QCX Mini back on air very shortly!
73 de OE6FEG

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I’ve got my QCX-mini 20m (assembled) on Monday.
Today I was able to test it in CWT short contest at 13z.
I can only say: WOW!
Worked 22 QSO’s (13 x DX).
My antenna is 2el yagi (MY5T 10el 5-Band Yagi E73M-Design)
Well, I can’t wait for the next SOTA activation :slight_smile:
73, Mario DJ2MX


Nice! When did you purchase your mini? I´m running the 12th week and still waiting for my status to change from ¨Complete¨ to ¨Shipped¨

I have ordered mine maybe 4 weeks ago and yesterday it arrived at my local post office.
Will pick it up today and maybe start the SSB mod.

Maybe contact them via the customer service form:

Hi Joe, did you buy an assembled one? For the assembled kits there is an approximate period of 10 weeks for shipping.

GE Takea San @JP3PPL

you have to wait again maybe !
Look here if you have you order #

I think Joe @OE5JFE is talking on Kit order not assembled one

73 Éric

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I am taking about the kit. Sorry for not reading your message,
Okay then 10 weeks might be normal and maybe another 2-4 for shipping? Anyone having experience?

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Thanks Eric! Well, if I waited 12 weeks why not another 12?

Takeo @JP3PPL ordered one the 02 January 2021 and waiting also :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mine was 3 days before than yours! :smile:

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Do not worry too much, my order no. 40541 from 03. Dec. 2020 is not delivered yet :thinking:


Hi Heinz
You have the rank # 8 on the big list

73 Éric

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