Q: LITHIUM batterys?

At the moment I’m using Sealed Acid batteries, two 9AH. Those are not brand new, and very heavy.
Are three options for new batteries:

  1. Ballistic Battery 12 Cell EVO 2
  2. Shorai Lithium-Iron Battery / 12V / 18Ah
  3. (x3 paralel) Turnigy 5000 mAh 4S 1P 14.8v

First option, seems like very expensive, but really good cells.
Second option, in the middle.
Third option, are three packs connected together in parallel, and price are up to £100. and are possibility to use separately for smaller and lighter setup.

What you will choose? And why?

In reply to M6WAU:

Arentas -

Sounds like you are using the Icom IC-706MkII for your radio. We might wonder what power level you want to run in the field, and for how long, to give some better ideas about what you might want to consider. There are many opinions to be had.

I don’t know if anything like this is available in your market, but with my Yaesu FT-101D (not a great choice for SOTA - it only sees occasional use) I have been happy with a SLAB ‘replacement’ based on LiFePO4 chemistry from Tenergy - see Battery Packs - LiFeP04 Packs - Tenergy Power. It is relatively light weight, easy to charge, and has low internal resistance to hold voltage better under load (unlike a SLAB). I have the 10AH version and have run at 10-30W for four hours without issues.

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