PY1/RJ-018 - Bico do Papagaio

The activation of the “Bico do Papagaio” (PY1/RJ-018) was completely unexpected. That’s why I didn’t post an alert the day before.

Initially, my wife and I planned to stay in the lower part of the Tijuca National Park, in a small waterfall called “Cachoeira das Almas”, a very beautiful place with clear and fresh water.

But the day was very beautiful and we decided to continue our walk to the summit of Bico do Papagaio (PY1/RJ-018).

When we got there, I started making calls on the local repeaters with my cheap HT and soon the PU1KJA answered me on the 146,870 repeater.

We then made a direct contact at 144,550 and his signal was very strong and clear. By SOTA rules, a single contact guarantees the activation of the summit, but not the desired 6 points.

So I told my friends from the Brazilian SOTA community on my cell phone that I was at the summit doing the activation and PY1II told me to stay a few more minutes at the summit!

It was great advice! A small but intense pile-up quickly formed and I made contact with the following stations: PU1KJA, PU1JSV, PU1WTW, PY1NP, PY1NS.

As a result, only Pedra do Conde (PY1/RJ-027) has not yet been activated in that highest part of the Tijuca Forest.

It will be an honor to have any of you present in this activation for team work!