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Puxing programming software

For anybody who has bought one of the Chinese Puxing 2m or 70cm handhelds and is having difficulty using the programming software (PX5IN1 etc.). You may be getting an “unsupported operation” error message.
Try installing the VX-7 Commander software which is available from http://www.kc8unj.com/
, even if you don’t have a VX-7 handheld. This fixed the problem for me, I’d been trying to figure out why the Puxing software would never work on a clean install of Windows (XP or Vista) and went through the list of installed applications that I had on the one system where it did work.
The exact file it needs is msflxgrd.ocx, the Microsoft Flex Grid Library. The Puxing software and VX-7 Commander need it to display the memory data in a grid.

In reply to M1AVV:
Or go to http://www.ascentive.com/support/new/support_dll.phtml?dllname=Msflxgrd.ocx
for the file and instructions on how to register it.