Putikeeg Paddle Key

I’d seen the Chinese steel Morse paddle keys on Ebay and Aliexpress but the cost seemed to be a bit much just to see if they were any good. I’d been tempted a couple of times to buy via Aliexpress but the seemingly bargain price soon increased once shipping and VAT had been added.

I was scrolling Facebook last week and an ad popped up for the Temu shopping site and featured a Putikeeg Morse Paddle - obviously a targeted ad! The ad said £11.99 with free shipping, I had to check it out! Sure enough, once I’d signed up to Temu, I added the key to my basket and paid a grand total of £11.99 for the key, VAT paid with free shipping! The confirmation email stated that if I didn’t receive the item by 26th June, I’d get a £5 credit.

I was amazed to receive my Putikeeg Morse paddle just 6 days after ordering and I can only really say that I’m delighted with it. The key came in a smart plastic box with foam padding and included adjustment tools and spare screws.

I tried the key last night on an activation for the first time and I found it a very nice key to use. The key doesn’t have much paddle tension, but the magnets are very effective at returning the paddles, I guess you just need a lighter touch. Overall I think the key is a keeper and I can’t complain at the price! Of course, my Palm Pico is a much nicer key, but the Putikeeg is a more than capable instrument.


73, Colin


The finger pieces look like the tail rotor of a Gazelle helicopter. I wonder if that was his inspiration.

Elliott, K6EL


I have one as well. A fine key for the price. Certainly able to stand up to some SOTA abuse. I’m going to look for an alternative to the rubber feet they provide for the magnets on bottom. Too much wiggle for my taste. Some thin protective mylar perhaps.

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Hi Colin,
Amazing price. Cheapest Putikeeg paddle I can find is Au$55 and dearest over Au$300. They look to be identical. Many stores offering them at around Au$100. Not sure I have to have one. I recently bought some small paddles at Au$40 - round black paddles - that are nice to use if you hold them. The magnet in the base allows sideslip.


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I also bought one enticed by the price tag. I adjusted the paddles closer, with very little travel, the way I like them. I found it occasionally sticks sending dits, not returning properly. I wish the magnets were a little closer and pushed back with a little more force, that may solve the issue. I’ve since returned the travel to the original position, but on occasion when I press harder it will still sometimes stick sending dits. It’s in my pack as a backup.

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