Purchasing SLABs etc in Spain


does anyone have any tips as to purchasing SLABs (sealed lead acid
batteries) in Spain? I’m interested primarily in 2.4 Ah 12V alarm type batteries.

The other item I’m interested in is a source of fishing (roach)
poles. Any ideas e.g. what are they known as in spain?

Perhaps I should mention I’ll be in the Bilbao/Burgos area.

73 Rick

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Hi Rick,

concerning fishpoles the best option is the Sport centre “DECATHLON”.
They have shops in main cities and offer a wide range of poles at various prices.
Make sure you choose Fiber glass at lower prices than Carbon fiber material, although they weight more.

Concerning SLAB you should find them in car accesories shops like FEUVERT or similar, or you can check in Electricity dealers. Sorry I can not propose any in that area.

When do you plan to be in these areas?; I’ll be around in August; if you want send me an e-mail.

If you need further details (VHF relay list and freqs. etc) you can ask for them as well.

Best regards 73
Ignacio EA2BD

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Hello Ignacio!

What type of pole did you use at your 9H-Activation?

73 de Chris

Hi Chris,

I do not know which pole use Ignacio at 9H, but I usually use the 7,5m long pole from Decathlon with great succes.

For Decathlon Bilbao:

C/Villarías, 10
48001 BILBAO

Decathlon Burgos:
Carretera N1, Kilometro 236
Parque Comercial Burgos
9001 Burgos
Tel : 947 27 91 27
Fax : 947 250 250

Can check at www.eb3epr.wordpress.com some of my old outdoor activities with this pole.

For SLA batteries in Burgos you can go to Feuvert:

Centro Comercial El Mirador - Ctra. Santander, km 2
Parking Carrefour
09006 BURGOS
Tel. 947 228 922
Fax 947 227 184

or Bilbao:

Barrio de Zabalandi, s/n
Parking Eroski
48970 Basauri - Vizkaya
Tel. 944 260 500
Fax 944 402 255

Hope this can help.

Best 73-72

Esteve EB3EPR

In reply to M0RCP:
Morning Rick
Try ebay or similar, I bought a 5m pole that collapses down to 45cm and weighs next to nothing. It has been on Holiday and work trips all over the place with me. Easier than the hassle of finding one loacal.

I usualy use an 817 and a 2200Mah Li-po, its enough for a week of sporadic radio and fits inside my “hand luggage” laptop case with computer and travel docs.




In reply to all:

Hi again,

the fishpole I bought at Decathlon is a Caperlan Telepocket S 600, 6 meter long.
It collapses to as little as 57 cm, so that I could put it inside my luggage without any problem.
It holds my random wire nicely and I used a ZM-2 tuner to change bands.

The better the price, something around 15 Eur!!

Of course, there are many other types available.

Please make sure you don’t take the Caperlan “C” model, as they are Carbon fiber and much more expensive.

Esteve, very good idea to provide all these addresses!

Anyway, maybe you prefer to take one instead of finding the dealer as it’s been told…
Good luck with your expedition, 73

In reply to EA2BD:

Hola Ignacio,

If you’d like we could do a joint activation. I am currently staying
in Durango and have a car but still no SLAB. I have
limited internet access, i’m sending this using the library’s wifi.

My email is rcp123esp at gmail.com. Contact me and I’ll send you my
mobile phone number.

73 Rick M0RCP