Puig de Son Jordi

Nice activation today of EA6/MA-055 Puig de Son Jordi. Walked from Cala Millor where we are staying finding a few geocaches on the way. 18 km round trip in 32C. Operated on 20m with my Chinese Xiegu G90 at 10w into a dipole at 2m over ground. 20 qso’s all on 20m with 11 s2s. Many thanks for the calls. The LiFePo4 is back on charge. :grimacing:


Hi steve,
It was good to catch you on that one !
If you still have the time, EA6/MA-080 ( Puig de sa Font ) should be a nice and easy one for you, but set up away from the solar panels as far as you can (lots of QRM on HF).
See info on my blog and track on SMP, it’s not difficult.
73 Luc ON7DQ

Hi Luc, it’s nearest to my appartment, so hope to do it in the next few days. Tnx for calling today, you were strong :muscle:

Tnx S2S Steve !

73, Jarek SP9MA

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