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I just wanted to let you know I did hear you on 30m PSK Darius. Not good enough for a QSO this time but thanks for the QSO on 20m SSB.

73, Bill W4ZV

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I didn’t log the QSO because I wasn’t 100% sure either. But I’m glad we made it on 20m OK. Our QSO on 14 March from G/SP-007 was my very first (and so far only) PSK31 QSO! BTW I believe we could have made a 100% QSO on CW from NW-071 but I have much more experience with weak signals on that mode…hopefully we’ll have some more chances.

Yes I was using the internal PSK31 mode in the K3. How could you tell? I’m a total newbie to data modes so my apologies if I sounded strange.

73, Bill

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Hi again Darius,

Thanks for the PSK31 QSO yesterday from GW/NW-070 Great Orme, my first PSK SOTA chase as far as I can recall. I agree with your comments regarding information sent during a PSK QSO. I deliberately only sent relevant information during our QSO, although as I was typing manually this may have been a little slow. I may well add a suitable macro to the PSK software I use in order to facilitate a faster exchange.

Thanks again & Best 73.

Happy Easter,

Mark G0VOF

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Thanks Darius. I was sending from two memories:

mw0kcb/p de w4zv w4zv w4zv k

de W4ZV W4ZV rrr ur 559 559 559 tu SOTA de Bill W4ZV W4ZV K

Any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated! As I said I’m a complete newbie on PSK31.

73, Bill

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Hi Darius, this is all very helpful as a fellow newbie to Bill!

I have make sure my Flexradio 5KA , VAC, Virtual Serial Port manager and MixW - all talk to each other - software nightmare!

Bye for now

Mike G6TUH

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Hello I must read up on the psk function on my kx3 and give it a fly.
I find psk ops spend more time telling about there links to internet info about themselves than talking to me. not like the good old days in the 1990’s when you had to type like mad to keep up and have a conversation with your qso partner with the brag file and btu macro keys most used . So yes I recon a specific macro or two re the topic of SOTA would be the way. Good luck educating the non SOTA crowd.
Ian vk5cz …

For anyone that is interested, I have just uploaded some photos of my PSK31 set-up for SOTA. They can be found on or and appear on the activation report for The Cloud G/SP-015 for 20th April 2013.