PSK31 on 2m?

Is there any thought on 2m psk31? I am trying to get a Raspberry Pi set up with FLDigi, and when sorted would like to try it on PSK31. I know that there is a place for it on HF (14.070 for an example), but how about 2m? Your thoughts please gents (and ladies).

I’m up for a bit of that. Just trying to get my existing portable data set-up working again - or develop a new one.

Searching around, I can find PSK calling frequencies up to 6 metres but nothing for 2 metres. I found one DXPedtion who used 144.130 for bPSK31 - perhaps that’s as a good a frequency as any?

73 Ed.

The latest RSGB band plan says:

144.110 - 144.150 Telegraphy and MGM (machine generated modes)

and a note, 144.138MHz PSK31 Centre of Activity

73, Colin G8TMV

I don’t really enjoy PSK, I wouldn’t bother with myself. But an activity session(s) is something I’d be more than happy to take part in. I’d be looking to offer GM on 2m just using a simple antenna and the 817. I’d be interested to see how well it works.

It looks fine to me Ed, a bit off the centre of activity and makes a fine place for SOTA people to congregate.

Using that and .130 would allow SOTA people a place to listen for mainly SOTA stations and to stir up any people who maintain a watch on the calling frequency.

All I ask is if we can arrange for a dry and wind-free day. Doesn’t have to be sunny. That’s not too much to ask is it?

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I think that I now have my Pi sorted out with my android tablet providing the visual part. Weather pending I hope to be working from the “Ponderosa Pair” (thank you Tom for the naming!!) GW/NW-042 Moel y Gamelin, and GW/NW-043 Cyrn-y-Brain, I’ll give it a try. Keep your eyes open on the upcoming activations I will put there if still going. It will either be interesting or lonely!!!

That’s what was forecast here for this morning - what did I get on DL/AM-001 - Grey skies, light rain and a howling gale! Oh and yes about 5 minutes of Sunshine. Luckily the mast only collapsed into itself when I was packing up.

73 Ed.

PS I have droidPSK on the phone and the Wolphi Smart-phone -> FT-817 interface, so I could also give it a go when we get a date & time, but from here I suspect I wont be contacting anyone in the UK, at least not on 2m.

PSK31 on 2m seems like an odd idea. It shouldn’t perform much better than voice. The advantage of the mode is narrow bandwidth and efficiency for high-noise paths. With 2m, those aren’t very common. Line of sight is a bigger limit than noise and power, right? Multipath could really mess up PSK31 signals, too. Unlike random noise, multipath with the right delay can distort every single bit (well baud).

Dave Rowe has a recent post about multipath and digital signals as he’s working on FreeDV.

The joy of PSK31 is working the world with 3 W and a wire on HF. The first time I saw PSK31 was with a Small Wonder Labs PSK20 and a temporary wire, showing it to Scouts. We quickly worked Tennessee and Ukraine from W6.