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Proposed 2018 NA SOTA Activity events

Proposed 2018 North America SOTA activity events for 2018:

• Jan 20-22nd (UTC): North America SOTA Winter Activity Weekend + ARRL Jan VHF Contest
• Apr 21-22nd: North America SOTA Spring Activity Weekend + QRPTTF Spring Event (Apr 21)
• May: Regional SOTA Activity Events
• Jun 9-11 (UTC): North America SOTA Summer Activity Weekend + ARRL June VHF Contest
• Jul 20-22 (UTC): SOTA optional date + CQ WW VHF Contest
• Aug 4-5: (UTC) North America SOTA Rocky Mtn Rendezvous + Colorado 14er Event + W7 SOTA Activity Weekend + ARRL UHF (222MHz+) Contest
• Sept 7-9 (UTC): North America SOTA Fall Activity Weekend + ARRL Sept VHF Contest
• October: Regional SOTA Activity Events

Regionally organized SOTA Activity events can be organized at anytime during 2018 by interested groups.

This is an informal listing of ARRL and CQ operating events that, concurrently, SOTA can also participate. If anybody has any questions, let’s discuss.

So mark your calendars!


Tentative dates for 2018 NA-EU S2S events are April 21 (in conjunction with QRPTTF) and Sept. 29, subject to discussion & change.

Just announced the spring W4 camp-out to coincide with the spring NA SOTA Activity Weekend and NA/EU S2S. The camp-out will be April 19-22 and more details are in this discussion.

Looks good, Guy.
Colorado 14er Event info is here:

I would love to do something that is W6/NS, SN, SS related at some point, Tahoe has a ton of peaks as well, but that’s maybe a bit small in scope/scale!!!