Proof of FB HF short skip condx

Just now…

73 Phil G4OBK


Conditions were returning when I was on White Hill GM/SS-289 on the way home today. I thought they should have been better than I found and then when working Chris DL1CR/P I noticed the antenna was mainly laying on the ground, I hadn’t fully erected it :frowning: Still CW got through FB :slight_smile:

Unlike when you did it Phil, every field had livestock in them. Mainly ewes with their lambs. But I found the field with bullocks it it when I was 50% across it. I crossed a raised bit and there they were sunbathing. Hmmm, bullocks are inquisitive so it’s best to avoid them. Then I saw one of the very big cows that was missing 3 teats. Arrrrghhhh! It was the King Kong of bulls and started bellowing a bit. Queue rapid horizontal progress to get to the edge of the field, the gate and safety :slight_smile:


White Hill, yes fields perfect for livestock for sure now its drying out.

6m condx good this PM and evening. ZS worked at 1455 and just now PY5CC. Not seen a PY on 6m for a goodly while. FT8 of course… V51 would have been ATNO but I missed him… too short duration propagation.

73 Phil G4OBK