Promoting summits in the West Vosges

OK - they’re not that close together… and they are maybe 20 km further to drive… but they are not overcrowded and for many chaser a treat.

Today I present again two 6- Point summits in the western Vosges. At both summits there is good parking and they are on really nice hiking trails in 30 minutes to reach.
Since they are close to each other I have activated them yesterday within 3 hours (including hiking). However, you can also take more time. Especially FL/VO-114 invites you to do so. For both summits i have posted information and photos at

First I was on FL/VO-110. There is enough parking on the Col de Cheneau. There also starts the hiking trail. At the viewpoint, there is a narrow path to the summit for the last 40 meters or so in altitude, which is as so often in the forest.

FL/VO-114 is quite different. You can combine it with a small round trip and on the summit there is a bench in the shade.
Also here you can park very well at the beginning of the trail: 48.0083987, 6.7421106

Have fun - 73 - Armin

P.S. To prepare for summits in France I recommend a look at geopotail (FR) . There are shown the hiking trails with their markings. Here the example for VO-110.