Prominence of French Summits?

Whilst I really don’t want to start yet another debate on Prominence of summits, I couldn’t help but notice in the recent video posted by F5UKL taken from F/PO-221 that F/PO-238 and F/PO-239 appear to have little if any Prominence at all. Whilst I understand that the accuracy of Google Earth in this respect has been called into question it does seem to confirm that they are on the same ridge of hills (and the database shows them both at 640m ASL).

Has checking of the French Summits using the various software Tools been completed yet, or is any change to the French ARM pending?


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Hi Stewart,

I think that there will not have a new debate.
To create French association and summits list, I used Jonathan de Ferranti and Aaron Maizlish datas found on
But now, we have new tools and new datas to find P150 summits, ie. SRTM datas and some SW (Landserf for example) and we found that the lists above was not exact. Every country involved in SOTA would have to do this work.

All french regions are going to be updated according to P150 and with SRTM datas.
I’m working with Landserf SW and Marc, G0AZS, may correct my work.
BUT… it’s a very long work. 5 French regions are already compiled but, as you know, I’m not working only on that job…

I wrote a rather large software helping me to create summits lists, Google Earth files, HTML files (by french department) for SOTA french website, ARM and Gary’s data base files…etc… etc…
This SW may be useful for creating new country associations.

Now about F5UKL Andy’s activations:
F/PO-221 Le Béout is 780m ASL and its prominence is 248m
F/PO-238 Miramont is 640m ASL and its prominence is 225m
F/PO-239 Le Hourc is 640m ASL and its prominence is less than 150m so it will be deleted in next ARM. (all infos by SRTM datas).
In F/PO region, abt 90 ref will be deleted and 30 new summits will be added.

I give lot of my time for SOTA, and I do like this! Be patient and all summits refs will be right.

Best 73
Alain F6ENO

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Hi, Stewart: yes, the French summits are being checked over at present but this is slow and painstaking work and we have as yet no completion date. It is worth adding that other Associations are also checking their summits, too, and we should be grateful to the respective AMs for their diligence.

Alterations to summit lists are never retrospective, so points earned activating or chasing hills that are subsequently deleted are not lost.


Brian G8ADD

Also here i SM I am working with LandSerf (thanks Marc G0AZS who introduced me) and using russian SRTM data to analyse P150 from 60N Latitude and up. By checking my data against the national landsurvey on-line maps and my own maps, I have found new summits and sadly some will be deleted, as I am now using much better on-line maps. This will take time to process all.


Thanks for the information - at least we know that the various anomaly will be corrected when all the hard work has been completed.


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and yes although the new rules would remove many vertices, we play the game, but the work is enormous and is based largely on the shoulders of Alain. It makes a lot of work. Our summits, like Paris, will not be done in one day! Thank you for your patience, good year in 2009.
73’s QRO
f5nep Lionel

Deleted summits?

I had planned on activating a couple of summits close to me this week as i have a few days off work, but on looking on the summits listed for the South West (F/SO) the three summits i had planned on activating have disappeared ?
Have they been deleted, i can only assume they have as the list now starts at #004.
I guess i will just look at activating these ‘new’ summits which have not been activated !
Will have to ask the wife for some of my pocket money in advance to fill the car up.

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This is a rather old thread. There’s some much more recent information about updates to the list of French summits in

In reply to M0LEP:
Thanks for the swift reply, i was confused as Laurent F8BBL states:

‘Lying west of the Massif-Central, south of the Loire Valley and north of the Pyrenees this is a relatively flat area, and only three summits have yet been identified’

So in reality there are now eight summits and i can only assume the original three have been deleted and Laurent has not had the time to change the wording on the page relating to summits here in the SW.

However when i checked on the French SOTA site, the new summits are not there, only the three original summits i knew of.

Appreciate the link anyway, Happy Easter