Procedural Confusion in EA?

On 20/11/12 an EA2 station was spotted for EA2/BI-034 and I was able to chase him at 11:15UTC using G6DTN. When I checked the database today (21/11/12) I saw that the summit appeared to have been activated by EA2DCA/P and EA2DNO/P! When I looked them up in the Activators Roll of Honour, neither had activated anywhere on 20th. This is not the first time I have noted some sort of confusion, and I believe the MT has contacted EA about it.

Has anyone else noted this?

Regards, Dave, G6DTN

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Maybe just parts of the database update at different times?

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And with different calls? From 2 activators who were not apparently there? A bit of a co-incidence, I think.

Regards, Dave

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A careful look shows that EA2DCA/P and EA2DNO/P activated that summit exactly one year ago. Yesterday’s activation has not yet been entered into the database.

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Exactly - which is why they don’t appear in recent activations!


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Thank you, Les, for pointing this out. Apologies all round, and I’ll wait and sit on my hands.

Crawling back to my kennel with tail between legs.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN :frowning:

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Hello SOTA friends!

Indeed, I, EA2DCA and my girlfriend, EA2DNO were in EA2/BI-034 on 20 november 2011. On that occasion We activate only VHF. And on November 20, 2012, I was at work, not in the mountain.

On that day was EC2AG on 14 mhz. You can see the activity:

Patience and respect, please

ANYONE can confuse.

73 de EA2DCA.
(Sorry for my bad English)

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20/11/2012 The day carries out the EC2AG / P from EA2/BI034 ERDELLA.

Since there seems to be a match to the day 20/11 but not the date they are one year apart …

EA2DCA / P 20/11/2011

EC2AG / P 20/11/2012

I believe that with a look at the alerts, spot and cluster gives the solution … and wait

also to climb the log …

A small video of the ascent …

Greetings EC2AG …