Problem with SOTA Spotter by Android

Has anyone noticed a problem with Android’s SOTA Spotter? It doesn’t appear that I have received a spot through it since yesterday afternoon.

Ron, KI4TN

Added later…It appears the the telnet spotter is down too. This may be the problem. The last telnet spot I received from was four hours ago.


Hi Ron,

There seems to be a problem with the feed that SOTA Spotter currently uses for spot retrieval. Perhaps one of the admins can jump in with some information.

I am in the process of migrating SOTA Spotter to the new API (which seems to be down too at the moment), and it should make things easier to maintain. However, there are still some issues to be resolved, both on my side and on the server side, so I cannot make any estimate regarding the time of release.

I’m sorry I cannot be of any help with the current problem.

Bogdan YO3SAW

There have been some issues, maybe Azure Cloud based originally, that caused the services to fail.

Right now there have been some changes that seem to work. I’ve changed the SOTA cluster and that looks to be working again. But my SMS spotter is down. SW2 is not responding well, especially spotlite. So this is something that needs fixing. I’m about to go away for a week so it maybe down for some time. Sorry.

yep, SOTASpotter not working for the last 3 hours here. Bogdan thanks for the great app and all your hard work on it.



Just checked…SOTA Cluster is indeed back up. Thanks for doing that.

I join Declan (EI6FR) in thanking Bogdan for a fine app. It has been a great tool.

MM0FMF, enjoy your time off. This stuff can wait until you get back.

Ron, KI4TN

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Not when you are going on a SOTA expedition and you need remote spotting!

I’m back in time for the refreshment of your cluster Andy! Mni TNX. Good short skip to Poland at the moment on 20m band.

73 Phil

SW2 seems to be much more responsive than spotlite - so for the time being I have change APRS2SOTA over to use SW2 - work to change it entirely to the new API is pending.

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FYI, the Twitter feed of spots will also be silent until the new API works again.

Martyn M1MAJ

Something must be working now. I just received seven spots through SOTA Spotter.

Ron, KI4TN

Yep back up and running again seeing the test spots from MM0FMF/P, Kudos in large quantities to the fixer


Stu, are technical updates planned to source APRS2SOTA elsewhere, since I have understood that some spotting devices use (now resp. soon) deprecated sources.

How can I manage to know if APRS2SOTA is down if I should have no smartphone available but only the APRS2SOTA device like my FT2DE?

Thanks in advance and vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


APRS2SOTA is currently using SotaWatch2 to post spots - when the updates to the SOTA API system have been completed and I have enough time it will be changed to use the API for spotting.

If your APRS radio is within range of a bi-directional Gateway then :

You should get something back via APRS that gives a clue as to if the spot was posted or what went wrong when it tried (there may be a delay before you get any response - espeically when there are problems with the Sota sites).

You can also use the new APRS2SOTA /spots or /alerts commands which query the SOTA API to get information on the latest spots or alerts.