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Problem when uploading QSO

Good morning guys, yesterday I made 10 QSO from a freezing summit where almost killed myself (joking) and then at home i uploaded all the log manually from the web. Today It seems only one QSO is valid but if I check on “show Who chassed me” button every seems correctly. Also when I try to upload another entry the web says:

An error occurred while uploading your activation: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 20018 Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘IX_Activations_1’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.Activations’. The duplicate key value is (48937, Mar 20 2021 12:00AM, 121726). [20018] (severity 14) [INSERT INTO Activations(UserID, OwnCallsign, SummitID, ActivationDate, Points, BonusPoints) VALUES (48937, ‘EA7KOQ/P’, 121726, ‘20/Mar/2021 00:00’, 0, 0)]

Upload another log

Attached you Will find screenshot of the web showing correct data for me. Is there any solution?
Thanks a million.

You need to delete the activation and reload it. You can download the activation from your activation log.


Hola Álvaro,
Follow Andrew VK3ARR’s advice, but bear in mind that, in case you made some S2S contacts during that activation, you’ll have to go to your S2S log and delete those S2S QSOs before uploading back again you full activator log, either as a .csv file or a .adi file.

Te vi anunciado en SOTAwatch, pero no pude copiarte en 20m. Estábamos demasiado cerca.

I’ll be looking forward to chasing you or S2S soon.



Thanks BOTH a million. It was my fault when uploading manually from the web. I submitted a separate request for each qso instead of collect every qso in the same submit.

Awesome community you guys have here.

Thanks again. Problem solved.

I Hope listen to you all from the summit. What a awesome sport I have just found here! I LOVE It.