Problem to sbumit activation report due to time difference

I just made evening activation at US West coast at 6PM-7PM.
It is already new day in accordance with UTC time.
When I made attempt to submit report immediately after an activation, I was unable to do this, because I can select only current day or dates before, but no the next days.
Did anybody experienced similar issue, and is any plan to fix this?

I guess you are using the
Could be that the timepicker is looking at local time (the browser delivers that) instead of UTC.
Future dates are not allowed of course.
@VK3ARR : Could you have look? Thanks

Btw. The csv or adif upload should be fine.

73 Joe

Should be fixed now. The maxDate is initialised from local time not UTC, so yes, this would be more of an impact for US/SA activators.

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I checked again, and it has not being fixed yet.
Copy of screen shot is attached.

Just sanity checking, did you refresh your Sotadata page before trying?

I checked again today after UTC day change, and one extra day was available. It seems that problem solved. I did not refresh browser today.
Thanks you very much!

73! Oleh