Problem on HB/FR-026

Started off early climbing FR-026, a prettry tough one. After setting up the 40 m vertical and turning on I sadly found a discharched battery ! in 40 minutes time, when I usually work more than 20 stns. I raised 4 locals on 2m FM at least to qualify the activation…
Not in avery good mood got down. Luckily had a second battery before moving to the second summit (FR-032).

73 kurt

In reply to HB9AFI:
Hi Kurt
I was curious to find out the ‘problem’ you had on the first summit - how annoying! But at least you qualified it OK on 2m (sri I cannot hear you on that QRG!).
Thanks for FR-032 - gud sigs as usual.
73 es bcnu

Tnx for a new unique Kurt, nice strong signal !!

Sorry to hear about the battery.

73, Peter