Private messages

I wanted to send a private message via the reflector, which I have done in the past, but I can’t find how to do it. I found a 2014 post which described doing a search to find the user, but I don’t get any users when I do that. What am I missing?

Caroline M3ZCB

OK lets say I know you and I wanted to send a PM to you but I wasn’t actually sure that you are a member of this reflector. I type your call sign into the search at the top right of the screen. Since you are a member your call sign is found.

and at the bottom of what is found I see.


So I click on that and up pops.

and at right there is the blue box labeled message which I click and up pops


and I can type my PM to you.

Of course if the call sign you type is not a member you will get nothing

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Thanks: I thought I had tried that, but it seems to have worked this time, so message sent.