One “feature” that I dont like here is that it appears anyone can see the edit/delete history of your posts. This does not seem like a good idea. As an example I might write a post that I re-read and on reflection decide to alter or remove: perhaps a post about someone who has annoyed me for some reason. In such a case I would not wish the edit-trail of the post to be publicly visible.

Here is some editing that was not there before (technically all editing was not there before of course). Click the pencil symbol top right to see.

Is there a personal or global setting that might be set to remove this “feature”?

I cant be the only person who has occasionally edited or removed an OTT post - or am I?

73 Richard G3CWI

In your preferences:

…but that’s not ticked - so can you see my post revisions or not?

I can see your revisions. I also don’t have that option ticked, but if I can see your revisions then I expect you can see mine…

…though immediate edits don’t seem to get noticed, so maybe it gives you a short while to go back and fix typos and stuff before committing the change history to posterity.

73, Rick M0LEP

Posts are sent out to Email subscribers pretty promptly. It’s tricky to un-say something after that. Hiding the history is at best damage limitation.

Martyn M1MAJ

Sounds like a bug. We need to ask Jon to check this out.

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Yes please Jim.

Moreover, Email subscribers do not get the updated version after an edit. At least I don’t.

I changed a setting. See if that has made a difference.

…how would I know if it had made a difference Jim? I might expect to see the edit history of my own posts.

I wonder which version of my several-times-edited post above you received? The system’s not showing it as edited at all, so perhaps there’s a grace period to allow things to be fixed before it gets committed to e-mail (and posterity).

73, Rick M0LEP

I can still see that you have edited your post, but not see the edit history any more.

Take a look at post 28 in thread “looking-for-a-third-continent-for-mountain-hunter” and see if you can see the revision.

I could see your edits earlier Richard… but now I cannot. Something has definitely changed as you wished…

73 Marc G0AZS

Yes, that’s fixed it thanks!