President of SOTA appointed

The SOTA Management Team is pleased to announce that John Linford, G3WGV has accepted its invitation to be named President of the Summits on the Air programme with effect from 2nd March 2008.

John is the inventor and founder of the SOTA programme. He and Richard, G3CWI developed the original set of rules, largely unchanged to the present day and launched SOTA on 2nd March 2002, exactly six years ago today. John has served on the SOTA Management Team throughout the intervening years but now wishes to stand down from executive duties.

The role of President is non executive and as such John will no longer be involved in the day to day running of the programme. However, he remains part of the MT and will continue to make himself available to the team for discussion of current issues and strategic direction.

John, G3WGV commented: “I am honoured to be asked to be the President of SOTA. I never dreamt that SOTA would become the enormous success that it is and I am delighted that so many people get so much fun out of it. It is especially satisfying to see so many young radio amateurs taking part in the programme. I look forward to my continued involvement in SOTA as it enters the next exciting phase of its development with many more countries joining the programme.”

Please join the Management Team in congratulating John on his new appointment.

73 de Les, G3VQO
obo SOTA Management Team

In reply to G3VQO:

Many Congratulations on this well-deserved accolade John.


In reply to G4SSH:
Hear, hear!


Brian G8ADD

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Hearty congratulations John and thanks for SOTA and a great new hobby.
Rob and Audrey

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Congratulations and many thanks for SOTA.

My first encounter with SOTA was hearing John on Grisedale Pike in June 2003, while on
coastal walk near Balcary Bay, which caused me to be curious about how one did amateur
radio from the tops of hills. I started to find out when Martyn M1MAJ decided to join
in that September, which eventually led to me becoming licenced so that I could join
in & for me SOTA has led to other fun radio activities. So a personal thanks from me.

The only downside of SOTA is that now I’m focussed on walking up hills, I’m missing out
some good coastal walks!

Caroline, M3ZCB

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Congratulations John

Alain F6ENO

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Congratulations and thanks John
Happy landings!


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congratulations john on your new post and thanks to you and richard for the SOTA programme…

alistair gw0vmz

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Congratulations John !

Luc and Nick

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Congrats John,tnx fer Sota.
73 Geoff G4CPA

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Congratulations John and many thanks to you and Richard for giving us all this great program, I have had great fun and learned so much chasing these fit people around the hilltops from my shack, I only started studying for the amateur licence since I retired in 2001 so SOTA has been a great incentive to keep going and get the full licence.

73 and thanks again.
P.S. thanks to the MT also for their good work.

In reply to G3VQO:
An excellent and highly appropriate idea. We all owe John so much and his appointment is good news. SOTA has been a real boost for me as it has for many. It is the reason I have to visit places that I otherwise would never see. Yes, it has become successful beyond John’s wildest dreams but that is because it was well researched and built on a solid base from the start, with good consultation.

What of the future? I dare say John could pop-up at any time, on some future DX-pedition!

Thank you John, thoroughly deserved! You leave the running of the hobby in good hands.

73, John G4YSS.

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It is the reason I have to visit places that I otherwise would never see.

I wholly agree with the view expressed by John G4YSS and would like to thank John and Richard for the SOTA programme. Hopefully this change will allow John to get out on more activations. Best wishes for the future.

73, Gerald

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Congratulations John. Thanks to the team which has had SOTA born.
73, Uli, DL2LTO

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Hallo John,
we congratulation from the German DM - SOTA MT 73 Matthias DL1JMS

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Congratulations John to assume this responsibility.
Good luck for you and for all the team.
73 QRO,
Andy, F5AKL

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Great news - SOTA has brought a regeneration to portable radio operation and also generated a social family amongst those who participate. Congratulations on well deserved recognition.
73 jim g0cqk

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Hello Les thanks for this information!
for John:
hello John My congratulations! And thank you still for all the work made during these years. The program increased SOTA and many radio hams grace to you amuse by allying pleasure of the nature and the radio!
bests regards
f5nep Lionel

I’d like to thank everyone for their kind comments. As some of you will know, I haven’t participated in the SOTA programme as an activator or chaser for a long time but I have retained my involvement with the MT through some pretty difficult times, now thankfully passed.

I’m kept very busy with my other interests, in particular enjoying flying my aeroplane. Although I nominally retired quite a few years ago work seems to have found me (!) and I spend quite a lot of time at the local airport looking after all its radio equipment and so on.

But Amateur Radio is the hobby that has enthralled me for almost 45 years (over 40 of those licensed as G3WGV), so it’s not a passing fad. Interest just waxes and wanes. So who knows! You may well hear me on from my beloved Lake District summits some time in the summer and if you do, please call - I’ll be delighted to work you. Meanwhile I’ll continue to support the MT whenever it’s needed.

73, John

You may well hear me on from my beloved Lake District summits some time in the summer…

Feel free to join Jimmy and myself for some joint walking/activating/eating/drinking in July. Our plans are on SOTAwatch Alerts. Liam won’t be with us, so a cracking pace is sure to be set!