Preparing the equipment for next activities in the HI DR zone. SDQ Preparing.

Hello friend, I’m HI5YJM

I have acquired a QYT-KT8900 V / U radio, an inexpensive radio and a LIFEFO4 Miady Battery to work with the yagi VHF Antenna Experimenting with a UHF antenna and antenna which I am testing for the next SOTA activation in my country Dominican Republic HI waiting for it to finish the curfew by the COVID-19 to be able to move to the summits …
73s …


Looks like that’s nice and light. If your summit has commercial transmitters perhaps you might be troubled by break-through? Watch out for that. You might want to consider also simple light-weight vertical omnis, often discussed on here, such as a roll-up Slim JIM or J-Pole.

I wonder if anybody in KP4 might be persuaded to try a VHF activation from any of the summits at the western end of Purto Rico to try for S2S to HI?

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hank you friend for the recommendations if I can copy in VHF but from my house in KP4 PR and when the quarantine ends we can do an activation and notify the friends of the island of enchantment

           73s HI5YJM
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