Power Glitch

Thanks to everyone who was there to answer my CQs from Wendover Woods G/CE-005. Roughly 41 in the log which I would normally be happy with however I seem to have a break in the power lead that kept cutting off the power. A quick fiddle brought it back to life and then it would go off again without warning. It appears to be on the negative power pole. Hopefully I did not miss too many of you and that those I left with Jack GM4COX/P on GM/SI-008 where as happy to get that summit as I was.

73 Steve GW7AAV

Frustrating, intermittent faults like that… Thanks for the activation. It wasn’t 'til I searched back through my log that I noticed it’s only the second time I’ve caught an activation of yours, and the previous occasion was my first successful SOTA chase ever, GM/NS-151 on 20/8/2010.

I missed Jack GM4COX/P on GM/SI-008 though… Ah well, you catch some, but others get away… :wink:

73, Rick M0LEP