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Potential New Association?

I wish to put forward a proposal for a new Association - Pluto.

It already has two regions of rugged mountains up to 11,000 feet (3,500 meters) high, including the informally named Norgay Montes in the foreground and Hillary Montes on the skyline

more information Here

The question is who could be the new AM?

Just a thought 73 Glyn

Is my CEPT licence valid?


Hmm lack atmosphere and better well wrap up warm.
Plus just wondering if the mountain rescue cover that area let alone phone coverage LOL Be bit hard self spotting would it not. Great thing is you can go do shopping while awaiting reply pile up be some what different 40 minutes either way
CQ MP3FEH/p on PU/??-001 called 12:00hrs awaits reply at 13:20hrs LOL

Liking this :slight_smile: Good one


The winter bonus would be interesting as its orbital period is 248 years and its axis of rotation is tilted at 120 degrees!


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Its worse than that Karl, according to NASA the round trip time for a radio signal to/from Pluto is 9 hours! So the very best time for a successful activation would be 3 days! There wouldn’t have to be any of the “You’re 5 & 9 to me can you repeat your callsign” business.


ps I’m down your way the week after next week.

REALLY that long wow go visit rare site and return
muilti summits at once

CQ call from PU/??001

walk across to PU/??002 CQ

return to PU/??001 await reply if any etc

which summits you doing


…and then there’s Ceres, with just one solitary mountain -

looks like it has a good flat area on top for antennas!

Still, you could make a holiday of it, and go to see the other sights: the famous bright spots, craters and, errmm, more craters…

Karl - Pluto is not part of the States of Guernsey :wink: