Potential MG

Hi Guys,

myself and John EI3ISB planning an activation of Scarr EI/IE-012 tomorrow 11th Feb at 1200UTC +/-. If all goes to plan this will be my Mountain Goat activation and also take John to the 500 point level. We would be delighted to work as many of our Chaser friends as possible.
Hope I haven’t jinxed it now :rofl:

Declan EI6FR


Good luck Declan - hope you make MG! :crossed_fingers:
73, Simon & Nic.

It would be nice if your fourth QSO is a S2S with me!
73 Fabio


Good luck @EI6FR Declan - I’m out in GW/NW and should have a path across the pond, so look forward to a S2S if our times marry :+1:

73, GW4BML. Ben

Good luck Declan! Will be out tomorrow but not quite sure on timings. Would be good to have a S2S on the day. :+1:

Good luck Declan!
Will be looking out for you from DM/BW-064 for an S2S.

cul, 73, Roman

A successful activation today of Scarr EI/IE-012 will put me over the line as soon as I upload the log tomorrow.
Thanks to all who Chased today an on all my activations

Declan EI6FR


Great to get you S2S today Declan, welcome to the herd :slightly_smiling_face:

73 Victor GI4ONL

Hi Declan



Well done Dec, congratulations to you and looking forward to more S2S soon

73 Gav

Well done Declan. I saw your spots, but wasn’t in the shack when you were on a frequency for a potential contact. Well done to John in getting half his goat. :grinning:

Congratulations Declan! Great achievement.

Thanks for the QSO today. Brain was a little foggy with post-rugby hangover, so forgot to congratulate you over the air.


Hi Fraser

thanks for that, will be over to GM for mountain biking during the summer so might manage a SOTA or two also while there

73 Declan

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Big congrats Declan !
Thanks for the S2S QSO on your MG activation.
Keep going !
73 de Luc ON7DQ