Potential database issues


We’re seeing some intermittent issues with the database at the moment. We are actively troubleshooting. Hopefully it’ll be back shortly.


Looking much better now. Time to restock our pile of sacrificial goats.


I am using the latest Version Warburton.
I could not receive any spots at all today.
Now after the activation i changed back to Version 01.18, but still not receiving any spots

It was working fine last Friday …
73 Bruno HB9CBR

Sorry I’ve not heard of that app before.

Spots are working fine and have been as far as I can see. The SOTA cluster is not reporting any problems. I think that this is down to your end Bruno. Whatever the app is, just make sure you have entered your call and password for SSO correctly.

Your spot was showing earlier on sota watch Bruno.

Thats the latest release of VK Port-a-log

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Bruno @HB9CBR, I can see a large number of SSO sessions open for your account

13x non-specific
14x portalog
4x sotadata
1x sotlas
1x sotawatch
1x summits

There’s nothing wrong with that, it suggest you’ve been using a number of devices and/or restarting them to get things working.

Would you like me to logout all of your sessions? You will have to login at least once per device but it may fix your problem. There again, it may not.

Hi Andy

Yes fine that might help, so please log me out.
Thank you.

73 Bruno HB9CBR

Done. Try now.

… No change, I can t see any sota and also no parknpeaks spot.
Strange, I have not changed any settings of vk port a log, and I checked all settings, seem to be ok.
Ok I will close down my Samsung and try after restart again.

Tks 73 Bruno

Hi Andy

Problem solved, I made a change in the colour options of vk portalog, And that les to a blank display…

Will report directly to Peter of vkportalog.
Thanks for yr help.

73 Bruno HB9CBR

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Black text on a black background? :smiley:

Probably, I mailed Peter of vkportalog directly, it is a bug with the Classic mode in the colour section setting of vkportalog.

All other possibilities are ok except “Classic”.

73 Bruno HB9CBR

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