Posting Alerts

Hello boys……

(Steve, 2E0KPO) has been banned from the Reflector and as a result is no longer able to post alerts up for his forthcoming trips as the pages use the same log in. Banning him from the Reflector is one thing, banning him from the use of the alert/spot page is restrictive and not very helpful.

He would like to apologise to chasers that may miss him during his activations on weekends and during his trip to Scotland later this year where he had planned week’s activating of new inactivated summits as he will no longer be able to give you prior warning and I will not be getting involved from this point onwards.

For those chasers that he has a phone number for, he will call prior to activation to let you know where he is. If he can get a signal. Please do not spot Steve unless he asks.


In reply to 2E0NBR:
Well it won’t be long before there’s no more postings on here, as everyone is getting barred, if we can’t do any posting in my eyes, we won’t be having any posting/alerts and story’s and I don’t think anyone will be doing activations, if you get barred from
a site then why bother with the hobby, If 2e0kpo has been barred, what for or why ? can some one enlighten us please, and the next question who is next.
Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:

Been a bad day Steve not just Steve KPO but John JDK and Mike DSP have been barred also.


In reply to 2E0PXW:

I am not aware of being barred?


In reply to M0JDK:

Sorry John I must have got mixed up in the confusion but i think Mike was definitely barred but i don’t know why.

Barry 2E0PXW

This whole situation is getting really childish if you ask me.

Please tell me if I get thrown out for saying this.

Next week I’m leaving for Germany to activate a few DM/RP’s and would not bother taking any equipment if I’m kicked out of school :o)