Postal delays

I have been advised that postal shipments to ALL countries in Europe (and Asiatic Russia), except Republic of Ireland, have been suspended but Royal Mail will review this situation during the coming week. In addition the Spanish postal service advise of significant delays until at least May 2021. Services to elsewhere (e.g. USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) are operating but are subject to disruption due to the reduction in flights to these countries.

Current orders will be processed but I will hold any shipment to countries in Europe until advised that postal services have been resumed - hopefully very soon.

If you have recently placed an order (since 5 December 2020) and these delays are unacceptable, please contact me as soon as possible for a full refund

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

Following the website where one can check the situation:

Royal Mail has just lifted the restrictions.
They advise that there may be a delay on normal shipment times until the backlog is cleared, however I will now ensure that all orders are despatched as soon as possible