Post work SOTA problems

After a trying day at work a quick activation of Brown Muir CS-120 was just what I needed, or so I thought.

I set up on 20m, the first call was kindly responded to by the ever present Rich N4EX, then, nothing. I moved to 30m and managed a few calls, but someone jumped on my qrg, that’s a bit rude I thought (see antenna mistake). A move to 40m led to the discovery that I had the wrong links fitted on my dipole, so 2.5 watts and an OCF dipole somewhere between 20m and 30m, not ideal. Sorry to the chasers that looked for me after the spot.

Finally with little time before sunset I managed some contacts on 40m. It was pretty cold this evening and I was in a hurry to pack up and get home for tea.
In my haste I managed to catch the antenna cable around my foot and drag the kx1 into a rock. There’s a little scuffing to the case but the knobs are all intact. A touch of wet and dry, lick of paint and it’ll be fine, could’ve been worse I suppose.

Anyway, my bad day at work is a distant memory.