Possibly another new intruder - anyone heard it?

Hi everyone,

The last few days, in the afternoon to evening local time (around 0500 to 1000UTC), I’ve heard a rather peculiar signal on 40m - specifically 7.130 and 7.170 LSB. It’s not all that strong to me, about S3 on my Icom IC746Pro connected to a 40m EFHW antenna at ~8-9m off the ground.
It’s not local to me specifically - yesterday I had listen while I was mobile about 70km away from home and it was much the same, and I actually heard a VK3 and a VK5 on a nearby frequency discussing the noise, as apparently it causing them some QRM.
It’s been suggested that it might be a spurious FM signal - dunno!

This is a screenshot of WSJT-X showing the waterfall display of a 4-5min recording of the signal. Ignore the spectrum display lower half, please, as this is showing the stuff at the top of the waterfall which is an unrelated recording… oops.
Not sure if there’s a way I can upload an MP3 file.
Has anyone else, anywhere, noticed it? I don’t know whether it’s international or not…


Probably that Chinese spy ship that’s lurking around the sabre-rattling exercise up north. It will go away when the boys have finished playing with their toys :rofl:


Yes, these sorts of noises can appear when the Chinese or Russian spy ships start wandering about. :wink:

Hope I am not breaking rules by putting up a link to another forum but is this what we are hearing ??


Hi all, thanks for the replies.
I think the QRM mentioned on that QRZ forum is the same thing - at least it mentioned the same frequencies. I didn’t see a recording on there, so not quite sure…
It sounds like it’s not just me hearing it anyway :grinning: